The Greenhouse Effect

By at 14 June, 2010, 12:35 pm

The Greenhouse effect is what enables a livable climate on earth. In pre-industrial times, the ability of the earth to regulate itself within a climate range at different times allowed for many different climate regimes.

For the last million years, the climate has been relatively stable between warm periods and ice ages. This is due to the effect of orbital forcing in our solar system and changes in the angle of the earths tilt toward and away from the sun. These changes combined with greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and the dynamic interactions with our land, oceans and ice are what define the natural climate cycles on earth.

While there is a natural greenhouse effect, mankind during the industrial age has increased the concentration of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. This is impacting our climate due to increases in radiative forcing. This in turn effects regional climates and causes climate change. In other words, our recent increase in greenhouse gases due to industrial output is causing global warming and global warming is causing climate change.

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Score Orange County June 18, 2010

Very nice video. Quick and informative. Are you planning more of these?

John Englander October 10, 2010

A couple of days ago I stumbled on your ClimateLobby site and petition — I signed as #160. Excellent work. For the last month or so, I was touting my own petition / pledge. While similar, frankly yours is more elegant. I am now going to promote it.
As you will see on my site, we have similar positions.
Please get in touch directly. There might be opportunity for further collaboration.

Best wishes.

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