Consulting & Public Speaking

John is available for private and organization consultancy, as well as public speaking engagements covering synergies from energy, economics and climate, management considerations, science and impacts, to mitigation and adaptation; and can cover a range of topics from understanding the science, to how the investment field is changing with energy and climate in flux, or what organizations and governments can do to prepare for change (including policy considerations).

For information regarding consulting or speaking engagements please contact: +1-310-929-7477 or +41-(0)22 548 3366

Energy, Economics, & Climate Change Consulting

‘One-on-one consulting’ or ‘essential training’ for groups:

  1. Energy, Economics & Infrastructure, Trends & Capacities
  2. Economics of Climate Change (resource & monetary)
  3. Climate Communications (for public, scientists & media)
  4. How understanding system dynamics helps us understand economic impacts
  5. International and National Security Considerations

What do changes in energy and environment mean to:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Food & Agriculture Industry
  • Market Related Shifts
  • Socio-Economic Processes
  • Best Policy Considerations for Economic Strength

Understanding what climate change realistically means to our society and economy is essential for you. John’s experience in system interaction, brings a broadly scoped analysis to the table that can assist you in making the right decisions, right now regarding near, and longer term considerations.

Consulting – Cities & Enterprises

Climate change and energy infrastructure is in a state of flux. Enterprises and government operations will need to examine short term operations in the context of changes that occur beyond the quarterly and annual business cycle. These impending changes will affect enterprise sustainability and profitability if unaddressed.

Any enterprise or government operation that ignores the risk horizon, accepts the likelihood of increased costs and capacity loss. Risk avoidance is, and always has been, important to protect operational capacity. Protecting your assets has never been more important. You need to know what this means to your operations.

Management Considerations

  1. Building Sustainable Business Capacity
  2. Being Prepared for Rapid Changes in the Business Environment
  3. Understanding the Logic of Policy Choices
  4. Short & Long Term Planning Choices and Potential Ramifications
  5. Finding the Best Path for Your Business

Understanding short and long term changes is now crucial. How cities and enterprises manage these changes can increase overall security and reduce costs in order to prevent unnecessary financial loss. A critical examination of major infrastructure such as energy, waste management, and basic services is vitally important to community stability, and public safety, as well as business and economic security.

  • Industrial and Residential Structural Considerations (water & power)
  • Structural analysis and potential (geographical and organizational)
  • Transition Strategies (getting the herd moving before the storm)
  • Energy Infrastructure (managing the unavoidable)
  • Agricultural Considerations (food & water)
  • Creating Secure Communities (stability issues)
  • Making a Game Plan for Success (mitigation & adaptation)
Ignoring these changes can significantly increase costs at the expense of your standard of living, and operational capacity for organizations.

Are you planning for this future?

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