America's Climate Choices Meeting

12 May 2011
Washington D.C.

The National Research Council released a new report, America’s Climate Choices, which offers a scientific framework for shaping the policy choices underlying the nation’s efforts to confront climate change.  To mark the release of the report, the Research Council held a public event. Video from that event is available in two sessions.

INTRODUCTION: Ralph J. Cicerone, president, National Academy of Sciences

HOST: Heidi Cullen, interim CEO and director of communications, Climate Central

PARTICIPANTS: Committee on America’s Climate Choices

  • Albert Carnesale, University of California Los Angeles and chair of the committee
  • William Chameides, Duke University and vice chair of the committee
  • Donald Boesch, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
  • Marilyn Brown, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Thomas Dietz, Michigan State University
  • Robert Fri, Resources for the Future
  • James Geringer, Environmental Systems Research Institute
  • Philip Sharp, Resources for the Future
  • Robert Socolow, Princeton University